Imagination moves life

`Brinda` Beatrix Rother-Schwerdtfeger

Beatrix Schwerdtfeger
  • Born in Heidelberg, Germany, lives in Graz, Austria, since 2011
  • Lived in Berlin, London and Maharashtra, India.
  • 1985 first exhibition in Waldkirch i. Brsg., Germany, Elztalmuseum
  • 1990-95 several exhibitions with other student of FH Art and Art Therapy Nürtingen while studying Art Therapy
  • 1999 Participation in exhibition of female artists of the Art Factory Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany
  • 2012 exhibition with Osioru Art, Atelier Tripolt, Graz, Austria
  • 2014 Exhibition “Meadows And Wisdom” in the therapy practice `Space Of Renewal`, Graz
  • 2015 Opening of own gallery “A Little Bit Of Art”, Graz
  • Exhibition `At The Stillpoint`
  • Exhibition at Frauenservice, Graz
  • Member of VBK Graz for some years
  • 2016 illustration of `Paul And Flora`, a book about tapping acupuncture for kids by Anna Haker
  • 2019 participation at `Open day of all fine artists of Steiermark and Graz`

Highlights from the gallery

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If you desire to see your dream painted on canvas, I am the artist that can make this desire into a reality. Take the leap. Contact me.